Acne patches

I made a list of the best acne patches just for you hun. These patches are worth trying. How do acne patches work? The hydrocolloid patches are made to defend our skin from losing water and the pimple from outside factors like dirt, bacteria and of course our hands (stop picking your pimples) which helpsContinue reading “Acne patches”

Exercise and skin care: A list of dos and don’ts

Are those hours you spent in the gym exercising today affecting your skin in some way? Yes, they do! By exercising you increase the blood flow to your cells, so your skin is getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and glowing. But there can be some problems with your skin ifContinue reading “Exercise and skin care: A list of dos and don’ts”

Differin gel and my experience with it.

Differin is actually a really amazing product that you can use. I’ve used it for about two months, my dermatologist actually told me to try it for my face which was not looking gorgeous at that time, the masks that we are wearing in this pandemic really do affect the condition of our skin. IContinue reading “Differin gel and my experience with it.”