Bathing and Skincare

Did you know that your skin loves and hates water at the same time?

First, stop showering with hot water, this is a number 1 rule when it comes to prevent damage to your skin. Hot water causes damage to the outer layer of your skin, it dries it out and that leads to irritation and can cause premature aging.

Our water contains some things that are bad for our skin like minerals such as calcium or heavy metals like copper, iron and zinc even fluoride that is widely used is actually bad and makes damage.

If you notice white stains on your mirror (if you have one in your bath), sink or anywhere around the shower, this probably means your water is hard and hard water is known to damage skin, because it contains a lot of the heavy metals mentioned above.

There is a way to filter your water and I encourage you to so if you noticed the white stains. A good way to prevent your skin is to put a moisturizer right after you get out of the shower and don’t stay wet for too long after.


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