Sheet masks

Sheet masks are they helpful?

I encourage you to stop wasting your money on sheet masks and buy a good serum. These masks can only be used once and basically they are covered with serum. If you go and buy a good serum you can use it multiple times and get better results, because skin care works over time there is no ingredient that makes miracles applied just once. To get the same results you’ll get from a serum that you can use daily from a sheet mask, you have to use the same one every day for one month, so you need about 30 sheet masks that is very expensive.

We said that no ingredient works after applying it once right? I see people that use sheet masks tend to buy different ones and don’t stick to just one which means they rarely even get to the point where they should see results, because of the frequent change of the masks (the ingredients).

If you still want to buy sheet masks after what I said, because I know some people really enjoy the luxurious feeling that comes with the mask and makes them happy, try to follow some rules:

  • Use them 2-3 times a week, this way you can actually see the results.
  • Don’t use multiple sheet masks, choose 2 that you really like and stick with them just like you would with serums.

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