Differin gel and my experience with it.

Differin is actually a really amazing product that you can use.

I’ve used it for about two months, my dermatologist actually told me to try it for my face which was not looking gorgeous at that time, the masks that we are wearing in this pandemic really do affect the condition of our skin. I trust her, so I went online and bought it.

For all the ladies and gentlemen that have issues with acne hear me out! Differin is the way to go!

A little more about it.

Differin contains the retinoid Adapalene which is a magic ingredient for acne treatment. As we know retinoids can be irritable to the skin because they are really harsh ingredients and most of them can’t be bought over the counter. That’s not the case for Differin gel it contains only 0.1% Adaplene and you can buy it without a receipt. Just be wary and if your skin doesn’t like it then stop the use.

My experience.

My dermatologist advised me to use the gel only in the evening and through the day to put sunscreen on, if you know something about skincare it should be that the use of sunscreen is one of the most important steps of your routine. If you didn’t know it, now you know!!! (put that sunscreen on)

The journey to beautiful skin began.

For a couple of days nothing really happened to my skin it was still looking bad. As time went by my skin actually started to look even worse, and I’ve found out that it is normal because the gel first targets the pimples that aren’t on the surface of your face and makes them come out, so they could be healed. After that period I think I saw the result on the second week after starting the treatment and was really surprised how it changed my complexion, no pimples, no whiteheads just beautiful velvety skin. Keep in mind that I don’t really struggle with acne on the face and if you’re a severe case it may take longer to see results, but it’s worth it. If you want to know if I got any sensitivity or irritation in my skin? Yes, I did that happened probably on the third week and lasted for about 2 weeks. Now everything is fine, and I’m planning to use Differin in the future, but not so often because I don’t need it.

If you choose to buy it, here’s a link for you hun.



I make a small commission every time someone buys through my link, thank you.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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